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Data, the new differentiator?

Data scientists are becoming more common place in the industry as businesses evolve to a more scientific approach. Algorithms track demand, inventory levels and competitor activity and automatically respond to market changes in real time, allowing action to be taken based on insights in a matter of minutes. What does this all mean for the marketplace?

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VR and AR in Fashion?

Virtual reality and augmented reality could certainly become a powerful channel for brand-consumer interactions, much like mobile and social are today. Let's talk about why...

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The Future of Retail

I was chuffed to bits to be part of the Future of Retail report on Customer Engagement together with The Retail Bulletin. This publication takes a look at how changing consumer tastes and shopping habits will impact the world of retail. This digital supplement focusses on the all-important issue of customer engagement.

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The changing role of the CFO

Digital Transformation pulls the CFO into a business model revolution. The pace of change continues to accelerate rapidly and digital transformation is set to fundamentally change the business landscape. According to a survey from KPMG, 70% of CEOs say technology will have the greatest effect on the future role of the CFO. CEOs expect them to constantly explore and implement the best new technology.

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Love your customers

These tips are what some might call old fashioned values. Call it what you like, happy customers who feel valued are more likely to transition into brand advocates, who will ultimately promote your business for free to their friends and networks.

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