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Unromantic gifts lead to divorce

1 fact coming for every day of advent... day 4

4% admit that ‘romantic’ gifts like battery chargers and staple guns lead to divorce or separation

We don’t need research to tell us that, sometimes, we get it horribly wrong when it comes to buying the perfect gift for our friends and family at Christmas. But why are we so clueless – and how can we get it right? The Guardian has put together some pretty funny – yet sadly true examples here. 

While hopefully only a few of us unwrapped a staple gun under the Christmas tree, we’ve all had that ‘bad jumper’ Christmas present (although in my old age I admit that it seems to have recently become very fashionable on the High Streets?) Or, maybe worse, many of us will have experienced that awkward moment when we know our once super idea is going to be a disaster.

So, what do we do? Well, admittedly I am a gift card geek, but there are some strong arguments for giving a gift card this Christmas. They not only provide choice, but one of the things I love about them is their flexibility. They can be used across a multitude of channels – in store, online, on your mobile, through Facebook and other social networks. I adore the way that my loved ones can use them in the way they prefer, making them  a pretty good choice all round.

What I have noticed in the market – and I like - is that gift cards are offering more choice in terms of packaging and design. This allows me to personalise the gifting experience for my loved ones. Gift cards can actually be a sincere way of giving an experience or a gift from a store that I know someone may like, while also allowing them to make their own choice as to what they really want. I’ve also noticed a number of retailers making a donation to given charities as part of their Christmas campaign. It’s nice to see the retailers giving back.

Getting it right does count. Think about the person you are buying for. What do they like, what is their style? Pay attention to the detail. If you can’t get this right, don’t be wasteful, ask for advice or help from friends.

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