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Don't waste this Christmas.

1 fact coming for every day of advent... day 5.
5 Tips for a Waste-less Christmas

I’m always on the lookout for interesting and unusual websites - this week, I came across a treasure! How could you not want to find out more about a page called The Rubbish Diet?.  Here is a website dedicated to the slimming of bins. Being serious for just a moment, at this time of year it’s especially important to be waste conscious.

Here are their Top 5 tips for a waste-less Christmas

1. Don’t give rubbish
They don’t just mean the quality of the gift… when shopping for and wrapping your presents, spare a thought for the amount of rubbish you might be passing on to friends and family. Spare a though for what’s left when they’ve opened the present, i.e. the packaging and the wrapping.

2. Make it an experience
Instead of buying more “stuff” maybe your loved one would prefer an experience instead. The hair-raising adventure like a parachute jump isn’t one for all of us but simple goes a long way. What about treating someone to dinner, a night out at the cinema or offering to babysit?

3. Avoid unnecessary festive glut!
During 2012, Britons threw out the equivalent of 2m turkeys, 5m Christmas puddings and 74m mince pies - that’s pretty shameful.  In total, the UK’s Christmas food bill averages £169 per household and over a third (35%) of us admit to throwing away more food at Christmas than at any other time of year.

4. Prepare for leftovers
The guys from Rubbish Diet have some pretty saucy ideas on what to do with leftovers or even how to share meals with people in your community. This is what really gets me excited – finding stuff that’s really good and right under my nose - check out this site

5. Recycle what you can
Find out your local recycling information here to better understand what and where you can make your contribution to saving the planet.

If you found this a worthy read, they have introduced The Rubbish Diet Challenge and I’m signing myself up. Go on… you know you want to. Sign up here

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