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Brands we love to hate, to love, to hate...

1 fact coming for every day of advent... day 11.

Today we say Happy Birthday to Marco Pierre White   

The photography on the Marco Pierre White website is simply wonderful. Have you seen it? It is what I would describe as ‘rock and roll’ and for those that know me, this is the ultimate compliment.  The black and white work by Bob Clarke is pure genius and captures that bad boy figure we have all come to know through the media over the last 20 years.

What I find fascinating about this British chef brand is that if you look at its history, we should really not like him very much at all. And yet - we do. As we do of so many other brands that would defiantly fall on Father Christmas’s naughty list.  

Why do brands continue to soar in spite of their critics?

Behavioural psychologists have long argued that only 30% of human decisions and behaviours are actually driven by rational considerations. This means that more than 70% of consumer loyalty and spending decisions are based on emotional factors.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Just think of a story… a great story – one that makes you feel something. It is those emotions that create powerful connections between us and the brands that we love or hate. 

With this in mind, I can easily identify why my guilty pleasure is to enjoy the Marco Pierre White brand possibly more than my sensibility tells me to. Firstly - the stories feel real showing us honesty within his character. Secondly - the photography and creative capture a raw beauty. And finally, I identify Marco Pierre White to be on a fearless mission, hungry for professional gratification and success. 

Like it or not, I have emotionally connected and in turn engaged with a brand critics would perhaps shake their heads at. 

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