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19% of Twitter users seek customer service via Tweets

1 fact coming for every day of advent... day 19.

Brands, of every shape and size are facing increasing amounts of pressure to provide a better, quicker service over a broader range of channels including social, email, and phone.

Customers expect to get service at any time of the day or night and assume that this should and will happen. Studies by Edison Research have indicated that 19% of Twitter users seek customer service via Tweets. With more than 200 million users, this means 38,000,000 customers are seeking service via Twitter.

That’s a lot of customers that need servicing.

But hold on a moment - only 19% of Customer Service departments are involved in social media… mmm?

I am in no way at all a social media guru, for that I turn to my trust to The Media Marketing Co  but I did find this infographic which offered some great insight; The rise of Social Customer Service’.

Thanks @smetrics for the Infographic.

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