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The first sign of Christmas? The Coca-Cola truck of course...

1 Fact coming for every day of advent... day 22.

But what of the traditional Coca-Cola Christmas adverts?

Despite a 22% growth in the Indian market, Coca Cola have not had a very strong year.

When it comes to Christmas, Covent Garden keep it old school with mulled wine, a topiary reindeer display, roasted chestnuts and yes – the legendary Coca-Cola truck. It does put a nostalgic grin on your face. As I walked through the market, enjoying the Christmas spirit I did reflect on how the Coca Cola TV adverts had marked the beginning of Christmas for me over the years. This year, I have to admit – the John Lewis TV campaign beat Coca-Cola to the mark for me. For the first time, does Coca-Cola have strong competition for brand share from the leading supermarkets now investing so heavily in advertising. In addition to this, after spending 13 consecutive years at #1, Coca-Cola have lost the top spot to tech giant Apple on Interbrand’s annual list of the top global brands.

What does this mean for Coca-Cola in 2014?

Coca-Cola have been announcing the arrival of the holiday season since the 1950s and do a great job at integrating their message across diverse platforms.While many of the supermarkets are using cool and hip celebrities to promote their brands, Coca-Cola are focussed on the tradition of Christmas and use Santa Clause. In fact it was rumoured a number of times that the red suit worn by Santa Clause today was first designed and inspired by Coca-Cola. This is not true however, you can read more about that story here

Despite Coke being under pressure, the company continues to pursuit growth in new products and tapping into emerging markets. Both China and India represent a huge potential and we know they are investing in new marketing strategies in these regions. India is also likely to see investments of $5 billion within 2020. With this in mind, I don’t feel that as consumers we are in danger of losing the traditional truck advertisements we have come to know and (some) love, I feel we are in for bigger, more creative campaigns in the year ahead. 

Pic below: Family day out in Covent Garden 22/12/13. 

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