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Merry Christmas

Final entry. Day 15.

Wishing you all the best this Christmas.

I have reached my target for December - one blog per day for every day of advent. It has been a very positive exercise and has forced me to slow down for an hour or two each day and think about both my professional and personal interests and the environment that I live and work in.

Christmas day (which was lovely) is not yet over although the house is quiet and I am able to sit and reflect. During 2013, ‘Content marketing’ was the buzz word with a new algorithm from Google making it a sure win for SEO. Eyebrows have been raised over quantity rather than quality and of course it has lead to what is now quicker, faster and smaller amounts of content being available.  As a consequence, we now have more ‘disposable content’ which brings me to 2014. Good content marketing requires much thought and planning. Consider the success of Snapchat and the veracity at which teenagers and large brands have embraced this platform. Taco Bell and Doritos UK have very successfully executed personalised and relevant disposable campaigns.

With this challenge at an end, I need to come up with a commitment for the coming year ... but perhaps a glass of wine first. Merry Christmas all and thanks for reading.

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