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2014 Challenge. Project 1. The Marketing Plan

In January, I set myself a challenge to help improve my awareness, decision making, focus and personal growth.

As a reminder, the challenge I set myself was to do the following:

•Keep a monthly record of at least 1 project that I have worked on.

•This record must outline the objectives, performance and key learnings.

•I will share this report with at least 2 industry peers for comment.

Keep it real when building your marketing plan

Task: Create a B2B marketing plan for a European fashion retailer to increase awareness of a specific product and to generate additional business in excess of £££ within a 6 month period.

Learnings: Working on a marketing plan like this is always an exciting challenge but not a very unusual or unique request. As I was developing this plan with the customer, 2 thing became very obvious to me: 


1.Understanding your customer is the secret of successful selling.  

To target effectively, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. 


•Develop a detailed picture of your target audience. Look at age, sex, gender, location, household composition

•Make sure you understand who is buying your products/services and why they need it from you

•What personality variables such as social class, values and life-style behaviours can be recorded? 

•What psychographic information can you find for example interests, hobbies, values, attitudes and behaviours 

•Which websites and social networks do they most frequently check

•Find and analyse sales figures (if available) to find trends, gaps, buying patterns, peaks, lows

•Pull out all available information you can find including surveys, interviews and feedback (positive and negative)


2.To start the year with a solid marketing plan is important, but without an execution strategy - you have nothing! 

The marketing plan is the basis for executing the marketing strategy in the business. Be careful not to come up with great ideas that you do not have the skillset to deliver on.  The role of the marketing team is more diverse than ever. In the UK for example, we know that 2014 will be impacted by the large shortage of digital media skills and yet the demand for using these channels to better facilitate customer engagement will not slow.


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