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New Twitter Layout

Today is a big day in the history of Twitter. 

Thinking about it, I do not believe I have ever put a ‘face’ to my followers/followings on Twitter – I have based our ‘tweetings’ and ‘sharings’ on content and relevance. Is this a bad thing? In fact, it is one of the reasons that Twitter has worked so well for me. (I am speaking of individuals and not brands here btw).  

Change is here. The Twitter redesign makeover is out and with many mixed reviews, I have to say that it will be interesting for me personally to see how the new layout may sway my selection and interest in content – if at all. 

The new profiles feature a three-column layout, cover photos, and overlapping profile photos. New features include a “best tweets” section to highlight popular tweets; a “pinned tweets” feature that pins tweets that show “what you’re all about”; and finally a “filtered tweets” option, which chooses how you would like to view other Twitter user’s profiles.

The changes clearly indicates Twitters intention to become more media centric. Alternative social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are very powerful platforms that today, enable visual content to go viral. For Twitter, this seems like the next natural step. What do you think?


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