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Shopping cart abandonment

For any retailer that operates an online store, one of the biggest, most frequent irritations is the problem of shopping cart abandonment – until now.

Award-winning e-commerce platform has hit upon a potential solution to this perplexing consumer problem with the launch of its ‘Checkout Booster’.

A Unique Solution

It’s found a unique and inspiring solution, too – by giving people the chance to win all or part of their basket via a gamification element which his embedded into the transaction process.

And even if the entire basket isn’t won, then the Checkout Booster can be adapted to offer, for example, a percentage discount off the total purchase in a bid to encourage the customer to complete the transaction.  What’s offered is determined by the contents of the basket and the customer’s shopping habits or preferences.

Tailored to the Consumer

Checkout Booster can also be tailored to make an incentive offer during the shopping process or after it in the form an email, therefore keeping the ecommerce provider in complete control throughout the transaction and adapting the prize strategy to minimise the risk of shopping cart abandonment.

The technology has already been tested in a number of retailers, with one email campaign resulting in an opening rate of over 30% and a 900% click-through rate.

There’s no question that shopping cart abandonment is a real headache for many online retailers, with an estimated 70% of all transactions eventually abandoned at the checkout.

Continuing Customer Engagement 

The Checkout Booster, however, keeps the shopper engaged whilst offering them alternatives and incentives specifically tailored to them – and offering prizes that can only be redeemed after the purchase has been made is a very potent way of convincing customers to purchase their basket.

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