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Travel should inspire you. It should surprise you. It should delight.

I travel a lot – both for work and pleasure. Over time, I’ve learnt a few neat tricks; best row and level to park at Heathrow, quickest routes through customs, how to get an upgrade… 

The work side is far less glamorous than one might imagine. At the end of a busy day (and a lot of waiting around in airports) I want a clean room, crisp linen and a hot shower. For personal travel, I opt for something more unusual. In both cases, I’d always argue that service was the key to any good experience during a stay away trips.  

This weekend, my philosophy on the impact of good service was challenged.  

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. 
Henry Miller.

Like any customer-centric business, an overnight stay (be it business or pleasure), is really about the experience that you leave with. 

I’ve just come back from a delectable staycation at 40 Winks, London. This elegant and eccentric boutique B&B is the home and work of David Carter, Interior Designer. What took me by complete surprise was that in no way did I want to leave and use 40 Winks as just “the place to stay overnight”. I wanted to melt into the pillows, slip away into the theatre of the décor and take time out in the poetic glamour of it all. 40 Winks offers you the opportunity to get away and indulge in simple pleasures like taking a long bath, reading a book and generally finding space to feel creative. I can only describe my stay as delectable and a lovely. 

From the moment you walk through the door at 40 Winks, you are greeted with curiosities that fill you with a feeling of a modern fairy tale. I would recommend taking time out to indulge in the forgotten art of relaxation and inquisitiveness.  This wonderful gem has certainly made me think through my choices between service and experience and recognise the true value in finding something special whenever you have the opportunity.

Image: Thanks to Amberth

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