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Black Friday results are in

Shoppers spent £3.3bn online over the four-day Black Friday weekend and yet, all was quiet…

Was it just me or were we all waiting for the doom and gloom of Black Friday this year? I watched with fascination, (some part  of me hoping for some more TV punch ups), but also with real interest to see what tactics the retailers would adopt to make sure they didn’t fall into the mayhem of 2014 . Yet, it all went off smoothly, in fact Black Friday itself recorded £1.1bn of ecommerce purchases which is up 36% on 2014.

On Saturday, online retail sales hit £561m, while on Sunday sales totalled £676m. And just to prove the recession is well and truly over, on Cyber Monday sales jumped 31% year on year to £968. (Thank you to IMRG and Experian for these numbers).

What was the difference then, this year felt so quiet?
Retailers planned. And well.

With retailers preparing long in advance and with a much greater degree of collaboration and communication, forecasts were more accurate and the supply chain and logistics element were better managed. Reports across the nationals and the BRC agree that retailers have learnt from the lessons of previous years and put mechanism in place to deliver a solid manageable approach. Hooray.

And so now to Christmas… being the critics we are, the next question is of course how will this success impact consumer buying patterns on the last few days leading up to Christmas, and the ever famous boxing day sales.

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