Moments of Truth

The best thing about working in marketing is that it never gets boring. Just as soon as you get the knack of one new technology, another is born.

While marketing is constantly evolving and progressing with new media enabled tools, the fundamental marketing model has stayed the same. People and businesses still want great products and services that are relevant and marketing will always need to figure out how to do that. The change is how consumers might learn about these products and services. The challenge of engagement.

My 2014 Goal

Recently, I wrote a blog about the difference between a New Years’ resolution and a goal. A goal is something that we want enough that we make an effort to reach it. Goals give us a sense of meaning and purpose, points us in the right direction and keeps us interested and engaged.

One of my goals for the year ahead is to improve engagement methodologies.

One project to support this goal will be to capture work moments (both good and bad) and share these experiences. During my December challenge (write a blog for every day of advent), I realised just how positive taking time to reflect and focus was.

The Challenge

  • Keep a monthly record of project(s) I have worked on.
  • Outline the objectives, performance and key learnings.
  • Share this report with at least 2 peers for comment.

By completing this challenge, I will improve my awareness, decision making, focus and personal growth. Bring it on 2014. What do you think? Send me your feedback here.