Little Gems

It’s easy to be dazzled by the dizzying array of marketing tools and resources available online.

Little Gems
Here are some of my favourite tools that quite frankly, now that I have them, I don’t know what I did before. Organisation and time management is so important but so is knowing where to go when you need a little help or some inspiration.


Visual thesaurus
If you think visually like me, I’d be surprised if you didn’t have a VT favourite already! This tool is particularly good when you are writing copy or just playing with words.

Mind genius
I always use a mapping tool when I’m trying to understand complex products or putting together detailed plans. Work as you think.

Collaboration and teamwork is essential when you are working on a big project. This tool allows you to create pinboards with links and images in an easy to use fashion.

Moat is an ad search platform that offers a single location for finding on/offline adverts for brands in a library format. It is quick and simply and I love how every so often you find an old gem you’d forgotten about and it inspires you completely.

Working with teams all over the world means you have to have a reliable and easy way to share and collaborate remotely. is particularly good for those last minute meetings where you need to show documents or presentations.

With the kind of work I do, filesharing is big. Dropbox is convenient to use and allows me to send large files to agencies without squeezing the size of my mailbox.

Website building tools and technology

Here is a solid and easy to use testing tool for website that are being built, relaunching or in need of attention. With this tool you can quickly identify the priority areas that needs improvement for both development and SEO.

With Mockflow you can easily mock up your wireframe ideas for the design team. This tool allows you to visualise your thoughts onto paper very quickly.


Mail Chimp
I have been using this tool for about 3 years now to design and distribute my email campaigns. It is really easy to use and has a lot more features and functionality than I’ve seen with other fairly basic tools.

Bacon Ipsum
Because it is funny.