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This is the 'about me' section. Yes, I am an experienced marketer but more importantly, I choose to do this for a living because I genuinely love it. Below is an open account of how I work and some of my recent roles where I have had the opportunity to create momentum.

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... and what triggers them to want to both buy and support brands. Marketing is not about selling but cultivating an audience of passionate friends who want to do business with and for you.
I have to know how things work and why. It's a trait that drives me to experiment, try new things, read deeply in fields unrelated to marketing and think beyond the obvious - all of these things, I believe, make me a better marketer or at least allow me to provide more value to my community.
It's handy to be persistent with anything in life. You won't understand lots of things on the first try and sometimes fail. None of that matters because you know that if you persist, you'll get where you want to be.
Every day is a school day. I’m always asking myself ‘How does that work? How could I do that better?’ I’m like a sponge when I meet people, trying to soak up bits of their knowledge. I read voraciously. I attend conferences. I watch people. I like to experiment with new ideas, technologies and people to push me out of my comfort zone, making me more agile and flexible.
I trust my gut on the right thing to do when faced with any business decision, and I don't procrastinate when I know what I need to do. Without action, results can't manifest, and I've found that many people know what they need to do, but have trouble taking action on it. If you can overcome your hesitations and excuses, you'll find that you can be much more productive.

Recent Senior Roles...

Working with retailers and SMEs to create business momentum through smart marketing.

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K3 Retail

Responsibility? To make technology feel like the most human thing in the world in a complex and ever changing market. A big ask perhaps but in creating a new demand for a new era, this role is never short of a challenge. As Head of Marketing, I assume overall responsibility for developing and executing the marketing plan to support not only the growth of the business, but our customers too.

K3 Retail provide connected technologies to make retailers’ lives easier and businesses more successful with tools designed to forever meet consumer demand.
Stored Value Solutions

Responsible for the strategic and creative marketing decisions for all of Europe, Asia and Africa.

SVS is the leading global provider of prepaid solutions, managing successful retail gift card programmes, promotional cards plus a loyalty platform for top brands around the world.
Essential Communications

I defined the strategy and managed marketing plans for several key clients including Avnet, Motorola and Intermec.

Essential is a marketing agency with a passion for the high tech., mobile device and data capture market.

Received Avnet Global Marketing award for most innovative campaign 'Is It Rugged' promoting new Motorola hardware together with social media and video.
2e2 UK

Here I led the marketing team, developed and managed a range of marketing sales tools and operated as Internal Communications Manager for a 2e2 client, BAA.

2e2 is an IT systems integrator with a core focus on Unified Communications, Data Management and Security.

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